Celebrating 90 years of gastronomy excellence

Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018
From the 11th of july to the 14th of July

11th July
A full day at work awaits you

Ready to spend the full day in the congress in the Nestlé Professional lounge with us? We have organized
for you an outstanding planning for you to feel the adrenaline of the best Worldchefs Congress & Expo you
will ever participate in. For you today, we have the Entertainment and Parade of Nations, one on one sessions with iconic speakers like Marcel Thiele from Koppert Cress, Chef Martin Kobald from Peppadew,
Dilhan C. Fernando and Peter Kuruvita from Dilmah.

On top of a Get Together lunch party, we will work hard to Feed the Planet and teach the youngsters how
to cook sustainable with The International Chefs Day. We will embrace the vision of Worldchefs together
and will immortalize you with The Official photography and unforgettable Parade.

Worldchefs welcomes you in Malaysia

12th July
Worldchefs is making your day the best ever!

Still full of surprises, Worldchefs has decided to organise the best for the best…
After an early rise with a visit to the main Kula Lumper wet market and fish market at 5am followed by a
traditional Nasi Lemak breakfast on the street in one of the oldest Nasi Lemak restaurants
Are you ready to listen to iconic speakers such as Alvin Leung, the Demon Chef, Marcel Thiele, DIlhan C.
Fernando & Peter Kuruvita, Edgar Burhs, Eric Olmedo & Anisha Chai and Jochen Kern.
A day without one on one sessions at Worldchefs Congress & Expo is not a good day, we give you today the
chance to meet Alvin Leung who will Rock’n’Roll your senses and Jochen Kern from Malaysia Palm Oil.
Never the less, the Battle of Elite awaits you and a wonderful and traditional street food tasting including a
visit to Jalan Alor.

This is Worldchefs Congress & Expo

13th of July
Today is the day where you’ll know how to Feed the Planet

Let’s start the day with Richmond Lim who will tell you how he Embraces the Future. Feed the Planet,
sustainable education, save the world is the key success of the day. Worldchefs believe the world can
change its stars and is ready to deliver the right message to you: Yes We can Feed the Planet. Followed by
Rochelle Schaetzl from Neslté Professional who will cares about ensuring a sustainable future for the
culinary profession, the days continues to teach you how will you be able to Feed the Planet especially
with the Chef of the situation: Chris Koetke who will talk about Food Waste.
Again, a day without one on one sessions at Worldchefs Congress & Expo is not a good day, we then give
you one on one sessions with the sharpen Dick Knives and the beautiful MLA.

Yes You Can Feed the Planet!

14th of July
Don’t be sad, this is our last day but we will see you again.

Start off with André Chiang who is probably one of the best Chef in the world. He is at Worldchefs
Congress & Expo for you and only you. He will present Octaphilosophy: The Eight Elements of Restaurant
Andre - Uncover the most Creative Ideas Behind the most Creative Chef. André will be followed by the
lovely Kwan Lui from At Sunrice, Megawati Suzari from Anchor Food Professional and finally the past
President of Worldchefs: Charles Carroll.

Then we will share who is going the lead the different continents with the Continental Directors Elections
followed by where we will meet in 2020 for an even better Worldchefs Congress & Expo than the one
you’re in.

Do you remember our philosophy of the good day? Well meet on one on session André Chiang.
To finish off we have organized an afternoon session in which Worldchefs will show you the way of the
cooking. Last but not least, let’s welcome our lovely Worldchefs President: Thomas Gugler for his Closing

Worldchefs welcomes you to party all night long with its Gala Dinner!