Celebrating 90 years of gastronomy excellence

A brilliant summer awaits you in Asia's leading design center, the Kuala Lumpur Conference Center. Get a glimpse
of the enriching peer collaborations with educators, teachers & professors from across the culinary globe.

Worldchefs Educator’s Forum is an inspiring program designed to ignite your food & beverage passions and
enlighten your interests in the profession.

Worldchefs, which holds a global network of 80 culinary schools in 50 countries, has identified Certification to
be the best way to promote your own career around the world. Worldchefs is proposing all worldwide
educators, professors & teachers to attend the educator’s forum to allow you to exchange ideas and develop
consensus deliverables relating to education and learning.

Digital accreditation Global Certification

The global Certification by Worldchefs is a new global benchmark
for the culinary industry, designed by Worldchefs and quality-
assured by City & Guilds.
The Worldchefs certification is the first and only global certification for
the culinary industry, created by Worldchefs in partnership with City & Guilds,
a world leader in skills development and quality assurance.

Discover Worldchefs’ Global Certification

Global networking with Worldchefs

Take a peek at the inspiring events planned just for you. Your experience at the Worldchefs Educator’s forum will include a variety of opportunities to meet
and network with your peers to explore your own profession worldwide.
Get together, know each other, and expand your network with Worldchefs.

Boost your network with Worldchefs Educator’s Forum

Sustainability Education

The Worldchefs Sustainability Curriculum teaches chefs how to think and act
sustainable, to lead positive change for the planet – and for the improved
profitably in the kitchen.

Best of all, it is freely available to the whole industry and it is easy to get started today.

Yes we can Feed the Planet!

Discover new opportunities and the latest educational trends.

Educators have the opportunity to revitalize their creative energy while learning new trends and opportunities through a variety
of educational and recreational activities.

Boost your knowledge with Worldchefs Educator’s Forum

Share your best practice and let yourself be inspired.

At Worldchefs Congress within the Educator’s forum, you have the
opportunity to participate in hands-on activities to share your best practices
in roundtable discussions and collaborations with colleagues from all over the

Don’t get left behind.

Don't Get Left Behind