"Essence of Greatness"

Charles Carroll

Executive Chef, Immediate Past President of Worldchefs-Culinary Leadership - United States

Award winning author of Leadership Lessons From A Chef: Finding Time To Be Great and Tasting Success “Your Guide to Becoming a Professional Chef,” Chef Carroll is currently the Executive Chef of River Oaks Country Club, in Houston Texas. River Oaks Country Club enjoys the reputation of being rated the number four Country Club in the United States. The Club has 1700 members and 75 culinary team members.

Chef Carroll was Executive Chef at Oak Hill Country Club from 1996-2000. Oak Hill Country Club is rated the number seventeenth Country Club in the United States and is home of the Ryder Cup, U.S. Amateur, U.S. Open, U.S. Senior Open, and PGA Championship.

Before Oak Hill, Chef Carroll was Executive Chef, and employed at The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel for thirteen years. The Balsams is a four-star four-diamond resort located in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. He also served as Apprenticeship Coordinator for one of the country’s leading apprenticeship programs.

Charles is a 1985 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. He served as a Coach for the 2008 United States Culinary Olympic National Team, his seventh Olympic Team. Other teams have included 2004 Manager of the United States Regional Team which captured third in the world and the best in the world Category B, Team USA 2000 national team which received 4 gold and one silver in the world Culinary Olympics held in Germany, ACF New England Olympic Team in 1988, which won more gold than any other regional team; Team USA Northeast 1992, which placed number two in the world; Team USA National 1993, Basel Switzerland, which placed third in the world; and was Manager of Team USA National Apprentice Team, which placed number two in the Taste of Canada Competition.

Charles has received over ninety national and international awards, including chapter Chef of the Year in 1988, 2005 and the American Culinary Federation President’s Medallion four times from four decades (1989, 1999, 2005 and 2014). He received the Central Regional “Good Taste Award” in 2006 and Sharing Culinary Traditions Award from the American Academy of Chefs as well as the regional and national winner of the Chef’s professionalism Award in 2008. He has been nominated twice for ACF regional Chef of the Year. In 1993, Charles was selected by The James Beard Foundation as one of the Great Country Inn Chefs and was awarded Educator of the Year by the ACFEI. Since the year 2000, he has been inducted into the World Master Chefs Association (2000), the American Academy of Chefs (2001), the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs (2002), and the Honorable order of the Golden Toque (2005).

As a professional speaker, he has been a guest at hundreds of events to include ACF meetings, regional and national conventions, as well as culinary classes, colleges and universities, and multiple private and public businesses and corporations.

Chef Carroll served on many Boards and Committees to include; President to the Board of Trusties of the LeNotre Culinary Institute, Secretary Treasurer of the Les Amis d’ Escoffier Society Houston. appointed chairman of ACF certification appeals committee (2008) and appointed chairman of the World Association of Chef’s Society (WACS) world congress held in the year of 2012 in Daejeon, Korea and Norway 2014. In 2015 he was inducted as an honorary member into the Indian Federation of Chefs Association (IFCA), The Chefs Association in Argentina and The Northern Chefs Clubs of Greece. In 2014, Chef Carroll was named Vice President of World Association of Chefs Society, an organization that encompasses over 10 million chefs and 100 countries, then in 2015, Chef Carroll was named President and served in that position for 2 years. He currently sits on the Worldchefs Board as Past President.

Chef Carroll has also had the pleasure of being honored at several colleges and universities. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Visiting Author Award presented to him by Johnson and Wales University, as well as Distinguished Visiting Chef by Sullivan College and honored by Grand Rapids Community College, New England Culinary Institute and Paul Smiths College; and received the Lifetime Achievement Award by Cordon d’ Or and the Crystal Icon Award by the International Special Events Society. He was most recently awarded with the title of Ambassador for the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). One of Chef Carroll’s most proud moments was creating and producing “Operation HOT” (Honoring Our Troops) in 2011, and again in 2013. Chef Carroll put together a team of 21 celebrities and support team, raised $450,000, assembled 30,000 lbs of show gear, produced a total of 8 shows, 2 of which were Vegas Style, and fed 8,000 troops a home cooked meal in the middle of a war zone in Afghanistan. For his collective efforts in organizing these events, Chef Carroll was recognized by 5 past U.S. Presidents, and invited to the White House. In September of 2013 he was presented with The Honorable Order of Saint Martin Award, given to him by the Army for his significant contributions to soldiers based in the Middle East.

Chef Carroll takes pride in mentoring students due to which he has written the award winning “Leadership Lessons from a Chef, Finding Time to be Great” and “Tasting Success, Your Guide to Becoming a Professional Chef”. His 3rd book, “The Recipe” is soon to hit shelves on October 17th, 2017.

Chef Carroll has spent the past three years traveling around the United States and the world to include Ireland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Iceland, Portugal, Turkey, Chile, Korea, Paris, South Africa, Afghanistan, Greece, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Macao, and Canada mentoring, sharing and presenting his messages to culinary students, chefs, industry professionals and executives as well as the United States military personnel. His influence and inspiration has helped thousands of individuals reach their full potential and strive to be the best they can be.

For more information about Chef Charles Carroll, please visit www.chefcharlescarroll.com

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Richmond Lim Beng Poh

Chef Culinology Officer of SingEx - Singapore

Chef to Royals, executive and high profile diners the world over, Chef Richmond combines 32 years of 5-star-fine-dining know how with the finest of a master chef. His expertise lies largely in the Mediterranean roots married with multi-cultural influences, which he uses to continually set new standards.

Chef Richmond has a very successful track record of developing many centres of culture and dining into recognized lands of fine dining has been seen in the Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre and the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, and he seeks to create a dining experience that is "beyond the standard dining experience".

A distinguished author, he won the coveted "Best in the World for Food Professionals" title from the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Les Folies Bergeres - Paris, France, and he has been a finalist for the "Best of the Best" and "Best Book Award" from the 20th Anniversary Gourmand World Cookbook Awards at Frankfurt Germany and the 2013 10th Annual USA Best Book Awards, respectively.

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Kwan Lui

Founder (or Owner) of At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy - Singapore

Kwan Lui founded At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy in 2001. It was the first culinary academy in Singapore awarded a National CET Institution status where Singapore students received up to 90% government tuition subsidies. At-Sunrice was awarded Best Private Education Institute for Culinary Arts Singapore by JobStreet Learning T.E.D. Awards 2016. At-Sunrice has students from 34 countries and has degree articulations with universities in USA, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.
Kwan was conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Educational Leadership by Johnson and Wales University (2011). She is a recipient of two World Gourmet Summit Lifetime Achievement Awards, one in 2006 from SPRING Singapore and the second one in 2012 from Fonterra. She sat on various boards and committees of the Health Promotion Board, Singapore Tourism Board, Johnson & Wales University, World Gourmet Summit, Spectra Secondary School and Singapore Symphony Orchestra Ladies League.

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Andre Chiang

Taiwanese born Chef Andre Chiang started his culinary career when he moved to the south of France at the age of 15. After 15 years of training under the masters of French Nouvelle cuisine such as Pierre Gagnaire, Pascal Barbot, Jacques & Laurent Pourcel, and Michel Troisgros, today Chef Andreis one of the most influential Chefs in the World.
Chef Andre has researched how our capacity to taste food is influenced by our memory banks, through the personal experiences we acquire over time. This has led him to develop a culinary principle – OCTAPHILOSOPHY – based on eight primary characteristics: Unique, Texture, Memory, Pure, Terroir, Salt, South and Artisan – the backbone of the creative process at Restaurant ANDRE. The OCTAPHILOSOPHY book is one of the most beautiful books documenting this spontaneous style of cooking and creation in 365 days at Restaurant ANDRE.

Restaurant ANDRE was recently ranked #14 World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2017 and has been on the coveted list since opening in 2010. Joining Restaurant ANDRE at #2 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017 and Best Restaurant in Singapore, are his restaurants Burnt Ends Singapore at #10, and RAW Taipei at #24 and Best Restaurant in Taiwan.”

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Alvin Leung

Executive Chef / Owner of Bo Innovation - Hong Kong

As chef/owner of Bo Innovation, Chef Alvin Leung’s unique ‘X-treme Chinese’ cuisine is lauded for modernizing centuries-old ingredients and traditional recipes with modern techniques and flavours, delivering novel dishes in tune with contemporary palates.
The self-proclaimed ‘Demon Chef’ - the Chinese characters for which are tattooed on his arm - has no formal kitchen training. Yet, he is one of the rare self-taught chefs to have a 3 Michelin star establishment. In 2003, Chef Alvin began cooking professionally at a private kitchen restaurant that eventually became Bo Innovation. In 2009, it became one of Hong Kong's few independent restaurants (not affiliated with a hotel) to be awarded 2 Michelin stars. In 2013, it was elevated to 3 Michelin stars status.

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"QuintEssence of Creativity"

Marcel Thiele

High End Gastronomy Expert & Spicehunter of Koppert Cress B.V. - Netherlands

Marcel is the SPICEHUNTER® who has travelled through 75 countries on every continent. The “Spice” in the name is synonymous for “natural pharmacy which allows us to eat more different things” and it includes spices, herbs, leaves, flowers and micro plants.
Having grown up in a family with a rich background in gastronomy – Marcel discovered the world for the first time when he was with the navy. When others were just resting and having fun in the harbour, he was looking for culinary answers, visiting farmers, plantations. He also bought traditional produce and cooked with natives deep in the jungle. Later, he developed his culinary strength in a variety of hotels and restaurants across Europe, Madagascar, Senegal and Panama. As a Certified MasterChef and Chef Pâtissier, he started to share his knowledge, to inspire the chefs with skills and all the truth behind. Now he is proud to work for Koppert Cress – a visionary company that provides access to overwhelming natural products.

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"Ensuring a sustainable future of the Culinary Profession"

Rochelle Schaetzl

Business Capability Development Manager of Nestle Professional - Switzerland

In her role as Business Capability development manager for Nestlé Professional, Rochelle is responsible for creating sustainable exchange platforms between industry and culinary professionals and developing relevant industry partnerships. A previous director of the South African Chefs Association and long-time associate to Worldchefs, she has a passion for developing people and creating opportunities especially for younger people.
With relatively little “barrier to entry”, the hospitality industry widely opens its doors to any individual that is prepared to work hard and long hours for his living.

Unfortunately, the very same characteristics also make people leave. With staff turnover rates of up to 45% in some countries, this is the industry with the highest staff turnover in most countries in the world.

The cost of training people just to see them leave, as soon as they are skilled enough to be able to do so, does not make for a sustainable future for the Chefs profession.

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"Ensuring a sustainable future of the Culinary Profession"

Eric Jose Olmedo Panel & Anisha Chai


Eric Olmedo is currently Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA) at the National University of Malaysia. He conducts research activities in the fields of anthropology of food as well as organisations and sociology of work.
He is the Director of a laboratory in applied anthropology, namely ""ANTROPOTEK"", from which he has been providing consultancy services, mainly in human resources' management and development, for multinational companies.

Anisha Chai is anthropologist by training and educationist by calling. She is both an effective and dedicated manager, and scholar – specializing in cultural anthropology and food studies. Anisha has close to twenty years of extensive professional experience in managing academic units and teams, from diverse backgrounds, in the private higher education sector in Malaysia. She also has cumulated work experience in the hospitality industry sector. Having lived, worked and been educated in Taiwan for six years, she writes and speaks fluently in Mandarin.

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